Maeve (docfraiser8) wrote in b4td,
b4td knew this day was coming.


Please, before you take any actions, be sure you've read the rules.

Step One:
Join this community.
You will be unable to post until you've joined b4td.

Step Two:
Comment to this post with your desired character.
Characters are first come, first serve, but don't fret - each character is allowed two authors.
You may choose to write two characters, but please be sure that you can finish two stories by the time the deadline rolls around.

Step Three:
Wait until the moderator replies with character confirmation.
Then? Start writing! Please, no less than approximately 200 words (I'm not gonna have a hissy if you've got 198). And I adore long fics just like the next person, but let's stay out of the novel range. I would encourage you to have your fic beta'ed as well.

Step Four:
If you've finished your fic then feel free to post it.
Please, when you post your story, before the text of the fic, be sure to add this:

Pairings (if any):

The moderator also asks that you please put all stories behind a standard LJ cut, no matter the length. If you forget, it's perfectly fine, but I will remind you in a comment to that post.
If you don't know how to perform a standard LJ cut you can go here to learn, or email me for help (

Step Five:
Feel free to post your fic elsewhere.
Wait for feedback!
Also? I'd like this to be an equal opportunity group, so if you see something you like - tell that person. We're fans of feedback around here, as long as it is constructive and polite.

Step Six:
If you're one of those speedy fic writers (god bless you) you may apply for another open character. Please though, be sure that you have enough time to finish that fic by the deadline.

Step Seven:
Enjoy all the wonderful TWW fic that will be posted!

Character Listing
If there is a character you would like to write, that I've forgotten to add to this list, feel free to comment with that character and they will be added to the list.

-Abbey Bartlet (1): sternel
-Admiral Percy Fitzwallace (2):
-Ainsley Hayes (2):
-Amy Gardner (1): docfraiser8
-Andrea Wyatt (0): soaked_in_stars and kiss_me_cassie
-Ann Stark (2):
-Annabeth Schott (2):
-Annie Bartlet Westin (1): era_raydor
-Arnold Vinick (2):
-Bob Russell (2):
-Bonnie (Sam's Assistant) (2):
-Bruno Gianelli (2):
-Carol (CJ's Assistant) (2):
-Cathy (Sam's Assistant) (2):
-Charlie Young (2):
-CJ Cregg (1): sweetly_savage
-Cliff Calley (2):
-Danny Concannon (1): athena4lynn
-Debbie Fidderer (2):
-Delores Landingham (2):
-Donna Moss (0): bexatious and smut_queen
-Doug Weston (2):
-Ed (of the Ed/Larry duo) (2):
-Elizabeth Bartlet (2):
-Ellie Bartlet (2):
-Elsie Snuffin (2):
-Evelyn Lange (2):
-Ginger (Toby's Assistant) (1): jackmaybenimble
-Greg Brock (2):
-Helen Santos (2):
-Jed Bartlet (2):
-Joey Lucas (2):
-John Hoynes (1): 38gnihsurc
-Josh Lyman (1): purple_elefants
-Kate Harper (1): insidethestars
-Katie Witt (2):
-Kenny Thurmon (2):
-Larry (of the Ed/Larry duo) (2):
-Leo McGarry (2):
-Louise Thornton (2):
-Mallory O'Brien (2):
-Margaret Hooper (Leo's Assistant) (2):
-Mark O'Donnell (2)
-Matt Santos (2):
-Matt Skinner (2):
-Mike Casper (2):
-Nancy McNally (2):
-Oliver Babbish (2):
-Rena (Toby's Assistant) (2):
-Sam Seaborn (2):
-Sheila Brooks (2):
-Toby Ziegler (0): littleloonlost and docfraiser8
-Will Bailey (1): lzbrt
-Zoey Bartlet (2):
Tags: b4td rerun
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