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Prompts List #1

Okay, so you can use something thing from the list, or you can combine 2 or 3 things. Or! If you're uncomfortable choosing a prompt, request one especially for you, and I will comment with a combination of 2 things.

Prompts List #1

1. One of these images:

2. Public Transportation by Elaine Sexton

She is perfectly ordinary, a cashmere scarf
snugly wrapped around her neck. She is
a middle age that is crisp, appealing in New York.
She is a brain surgeon or a designer of blowdryers.
I know this because I am in her skin this morning
riding the bus, happy to be not young, happy to be
thrilled that it is cold and I have a warm hat on.
Everyone is someone other than you think
under her skin. The driver does not have
a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in his metal
lunchbox. He has caviar left over from New Year's
and a love note from his mistress, whom he just left
on the corner of Sixth Avenue and 14th Street.
When she steps off his bus to take over the wheel
of the crosstown No. 8, she knows she is anything
but ordinary. She climbs under the safety bar
and straps the belt on over her seat. She lets
the old lady who is rich but looks poor take her time
getting on. She lets the mugger who looks like
a parish priest help her. She waits as we sit, quiet
in our private, gorgeous lives.

3. Include the destruction of an antique piece of furniture in your story.

4., "The Art of Mr. E. Blair Leighton", Rudolpf De Cordova (The Windsor Magazine)

"This inevitably means a certain loss of spontaneity; but to gain one quality another must be sacrificed, and the painter has to make up his mind which is, to him, the most desirable to obtain. It is this fact which tends to make criticism, real criticism, very difficult, for the critic should see what is in the painter’s mind, what are his exact aims, and should sympathetically view the whole subject from his standpoint, before it is possible for him to say whether the artist has succeeded or failed in producing a given result; for in art there are many standpoints, and who is to say which is the true, right, and lasting one? "

5. Include this line of dialogue:
"I never would have done that if you hadn't..."

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