38gnihsurc (38gnihsurc) wrote in b4td,

"Pivotal Evening" (Annabeth)

TITLE: Pivotal Evening
AUTHOR: 38gnihsurc
RATING: pea.gee for language (and alcoholic drinks?)
CHARACTER: Annabeth Schott (and Leo and Matt Gottfried are also sorta in this)
DISCLAIMER: I don't own anyone!
SPOILERS: None. TWW general.
NOTES: 1. Thank you to docfraiser8 for encouraging me and for helping me with the post-production. 2. I don't remember politics in the early 1990s; I didn't do too much research, either. So, if I screwed up... if the State of the Union speeches weren't focused on Foreign Policy, I apologise. 3. I am from Canada and I spell some words with u's---I know it's not the American way, but even though this is an American-setting, I'm not changing it. I'm set in my ways. 4. This story centers on Annabeth during her art history days. 5. I picked Savannah College of Art and Design for her school, although I have no idea what school Annabeth attended to study art history. 6. Laurie Schneider Adams is an art historian who writes books about psychoanalysis of art. 7. Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Red, Cerulean and Prussian Blue are all paint colours. 8. I made up the bit about Annabeth being at O'Hare when the AA DC-10 crashed. Clearly. 9. Oh, and I kinda swiped part of a Willow-from-BtVS line for Annabeth, near the end.

(It took her a little longer than she expected to drag her too-well-packed suitcase up the three flights of stairs to the apartment she shared with her friends.)
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