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Before the District

A West Wing Pre-Admin Ficathon

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All Members , Moderated
Before the District is a community ficathon concerning the characters from NBC/Aaron Sorkin's The West Wing.
All fanfiction for this ficathon will deal with the lives of the characters before the Bartlet Administration.


The Rules

1. You must join the community to participate. After joining, see this post to claim a character.

2. Writers are allowed to choose two characters at one time, just please be sure that you are able to finish both your stories by the deadline. If you believe you'll need an extension, please email your friendly moderator.
docfraiser8 at docfraiser8@hotmail.com

3. All fanfic must deal with your chosen character before the Bartlet administration. Campaign fics will be accepted but I would prefer that you get creative and really work up a moment in your character's pre-Bartlet admin history.

4. All ratings will be accepted but we ask that you clearly mark the rating of your fic, as well as putting it behind an LJ cut tag. We allow slash and femslash, as long as it is clearly marked. More detailed information on that part of the process is in the Steps to Take post, here.

5. You may add other characters from the show in your story, as long as it is feasable. For example, we know that Toby knew CJ before the administration, so you are allowed to put Toby into any CJ centric story. The same with Sam and Josh, or Jed and Leo, and etc.

6. Claiming a character is based on how fast you get there to claim it. Two authors are allowed to write one character at a time. As soon as one of them is finished (if there is time before deadline) we will open that character again, so keep checking back if your desired character has already been claimed twice.

7. Say you want to write an Abbey story, but you write with a friend of yours - you're team authors. Okay. That's fine. The two of you will only count as one claim so that one other person can still write Abbey.

8. We ask that you please send/comment feedback to authors if you like their story. That's one of the reasons we're doing this. All fic writers love to receive feedback. So if you'd like to get some feedback, give some.
This said - we will not tolerate flaming or character bashing.
If you are rude and/or disruptive a moderator will first warn you, and then remove you from the group.

9. Deadlines!!!
The deadline for joining/choosing a first character is May 17th.
That's a little over two weeks from now.
The deadline for posting your fiction will be June 17th.
Which gives you another entire month.
Again, if you think you'll need an extension, contact the moderator.

10. This isn't a rule really, more of a request.
I'd really like to see a lot of fiction on this community, so if you'd like to link/affiliate/pimp/etc please feel free.